true wisdom comes from within.

Wisdom is acquired over time. Wisdom is gained when a proven method is applied to solve a specific problem. Aquire solutions impart unparalleled wisdom by visualizing critical data within the context of your organizational hierarchy so you can make truly wise workforce planning and analytics decisions.

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View and Analyze Your Talent On-The-Go with OrgPublisher Executive for the iPad

  • Access a wealth of easily searchable employee information such as organizational business unit, gender, location, position, name and much more
  • Work remotely using pre-published rollups of workforce data and industry-standard metrics from virtually any HRIS and ERP data source—even when offline or traveling
  • Evaluate talent performance, potential, readiness and flight risk information directly from an employee’s profile
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Access a Wealth of HR Reports, including Headcount Reports, Succession Planning, Open Positions and More

  • Manage day-to-day operations of HR with a searchable directory of employee information, group hierarchy and global views and open position reports
  • Build and manage organizational plans with headcount reports, FTE vs contractor reports and span-of-control reports
  • Capatilize on workforce talent and resources with 9-box reporting, critical roles reporting and management potential reports
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Don't Take Our Word for it. Hear from Our Customers 

“Once we started putting all of our data into an org chart we could see how much of our data was broken… We never realized all of these problems existed until we had a way to visualize them in an org chart.”

– Lee, HRIS Specialist, NASA

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