Carnival of HR: If you could say anything...

Monday, February 25, 2013 10:18PM

Say What You Want to Say

At Aquire we develop technology that gives the boardroom the analytics necessary to make fact-based decisions. But, the information in ERP systems and data warehouses do not always tell the whole story. The oftentimes unheard or unspoken wisdom from  talent management and human resources professionals should influence the strategic direction of an organization. 

So, we dared you to speak up! For this month's Carnival of HR, we asked, "What would you tell your boardroom, if you could say anything?" And, you delivered! 

From the serious to hilarious, thought-leaders from across the industry provided posts that any executive or board member should read. 

The Carnival of HR Roundup

Naomi Bloom (@InFullBloomUS) provides  "An Open letter to HR Executives" ensuring those at the highest level of an organization that human resources and the technology they employ is here to support strategic business objectives, and she offers a guide to refining strategic HRM requirements and policies. 

Ben Eubanks (@BenEubanks) takes another approach in "An Open Letter to Our Leadership Team." He commends a leadership team that makes decisions with primarily the customer and employee in mind. And when the latter is involved, HR becomes a critical component of the organization.  

Wendy Appel (@WendyAppel) says to stop waiting for a bite from a radioactive spider or genetic mutation and "Be Your Own Hero." She challenges leaders to take on personal development ad stop believing that the heroic is out of our reach. 

Kyle (@TeleosConsultng) takes on executives' favorite metric in   "How to Improve your ROI on Capability Development". He points our six roadblocks to effective capability development and provides tips to improve learning and development ROI. 

Alex Raymond (@Kapta) hits on the a key point in HR's relationship with executives. "Plugging in to Strategic Alignment" It is in aligning workforce strategy with the organizations strategic goals that we find success.

Paul (@TribeHR) "Ecard: HR and Holiday Chats" Just click on the link. :) 

Mark Miller (@LeadersServe) gives a step-by-step guide on creating alignment around goals, ideas, and initiatives in "Today's Challenge: Alignment"  

Jon Mertz (@ThinDifference) challenges leaders to "Challenge Your Status Quo." Through the proper emotional, social and spiritual conditions, a leader can enact real change. 

Julie Giulioni (@Julie_WG) stresses that business success comes from relationships in "Networking Not Working? 6 Strategies for the Intrepid Schmoozer" She offers a quick guide to successful networking. 

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