OrgPublisher Automation Tools

Aquire provides the OrgPublisherTM Software Development Kit (OPSDK) as an additional resource to help streamline the process of making current and accurate charts available various audiences within your organization.  The OPSDK is intended for an audience of IT professionals/programmers, and includes examples of how to automate OrgPublisher functions such as calling from other applications.

The OrgPublisherTM Software Development Kit (OPSDK) comes in a self-contained installation executable and requires that OrgPublisher Premier is installed on the same computer or server.  In addition, the OrgPublisherTM Software Development Kit (OPSDK) uses its own samples, so it will not affect your existing OrgPublisher files.

The OPSDK contains many useful samples and examples of programming to manipulate OrgPublisher charts and chart data using OrgPublisher Application Program Interface (API) functions to program:

  • HTML
  • Visual Basic (VB)
  • Visual Basic Scripting (VBS)
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) using Microsoft® Access
  • A Microsoft PowerPoint macro (VBA) to input published chart graphics into Microsoft PowerPoint
  • An Active Server Page (ASP) sample
  • Documents describing SQL information and ways of using SQL to modify data for input to OrgPublisher