Discover How Aquire Products Solve Your HR Challenges

OrgPublisher Mobile Directory — Keep Your Workforce Connected

For maximum efficiency and productivity, your people need to locate and contact colleagues from the office, from the road or on the go. When workers can locate team members organization-wide, they’re able to collaborate easily, leveraging their collective knowledge for improved outcomes. With OrgPublisher Mobile Directory, you give your workforce that connectivity in a convenient, dynamic package that connects workers to your ERP’s corporate directory via smartphones and tablets.

PeopleFluent Integrity — Cleanse and Maintain Workforce Data

Data problems like broken hierarchies, missing data and inconsistent data standards prevent good decisions and place roadblocks in the way of successful HR initiatives. The Integrity Module from Aquire changes everything about your data integrity nightmares. The secure, Web-based solution aggregates workforce data from multiple sources, automates the data cleansing and approval process and enables HR professionals to collaboratively maintain accurate workforce data on a consistent basis.

OrgPublisher Premier — Automatic Organizational Charting and Workforce Reporting

OrgPublisher Premier is world-renowned for producing the fastest, most flexible org charts in the industry — but that’s just the starting point. From workforce metrics to succession planning, organizational scenario planning and more, OrgPublisher Premier is the workforce planning solution more and more companies depend on every day. And its seamless integration with SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle and other systems makes OrgPublisher Premier the most versatile solution on the market.

PeopleFluent InSight™ – Business First and Boardroom-ready

PeopleFluent InSight is the only workforce planning and analytics solution with a “Business First” design to provide executives with the actionable information needed to make strategic business decisions. InSight enhances productivity and profitability by empowering you to set goals, track workforce performance and manage the entire talent pipeline from state of the art “boardroom-ready” dashboards.

PeopleFluent Modeling — Automate and Accelerate Organizational Change

Modeling is for more than M&As and RIFs — it’s a significant opportunity to drive profitability and result in a competitive advantage over your rivals. Utilize scenario planning tools for annual budget planning, internal reorganizations and long-term strategic workforce planning. With PeopleFluent Modeling, your team can collaborate to analyze one or more possible futures to choose the best option to align your workforce with your business goals.

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