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Launching Aquire OrgPublisher at NASA

To help automate their HR operations for maximum efficiency, NASA chose Aquire OrgPublisher. OrgPublisher’s ability to interface with virtually any HRIS and then automatically create org charts with up-to-date HR data was exactly the solution they needed.

OrgPublisher Energizes Southern Company, Fueling Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Though it has 25,000 employees and nine operating companies, Southern did not have a consistent, automated way to create or distribute an accurate picture of its organization. Its people used a confusing and inefficient combination of presentation graphics programs and drawing and diagramming software. As a result data integrity and critical HR functions were negatively affected. Inefficiency reigned.

OrgPublisher™ Streamlines Planning and Improves Productivity for Acclaimed Regional Hospital System

The Harris County Hospital District includes Ben Taub Hospital, LBJ Hospital and other facilities. With one of the highest concentrations of uninsured and underinsured individuals in the nation, it has gained national attention for its critical healthcare needs.


Tenneco, a leading global manufacturer of auto parts, was spinning their wheels with manual organizational reporting and management succession planning processes. They used Aquire OrgPublisher™ and Succession solutions to instantly find critical employee data and shorten their succession planning cycle.

Mary Kay's Succession Planning Makeover

For Mary Kay’s HR, succession planning had become a cumbersome process: databases from two different vendors coupled with a manual data analysis regime that included a patchwork of spreadsheets. And to make matters worse, submitting succession data for a multibillion-dollar company was handled via unsecured Outlook emails. Mary Kay knew their succession planning process needed a complete makeover.


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