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Metrics, Measures and KPI’s: The Building Blocks of Workforce Analytics
Time:55 min

Have you ever noticed there seems to be a great deal of confusion on the basic terminology involved in workforce analytics?  What is a measure and how is it different from pure data? Is an indicator equivalent to a metric? And finally, how do each of these tie into analytics in the world of human capital? Ross Melbourne, CTO and co-founder of Aquire, defines each term within the context of specific workforce initiatives. You’ll learn the difference between measures and metrics, and how analytics transforms them into relevant workforce planning information. Plus, see how Aquire InSightä serves up the metrics, trends and KPI’s you need to understand your workforce

Four Dimensions of Workforce Planning
Time:1 hr 1 sec

Depending on your role within the organization, whether it is operational or strategic, you need to leverage data for different reporting and decision-making purposes. Tom Ericson, Aquire Vice President of Sales, leads this webinar with a closer look at the different roles of reporting. Extensive daily reporting helps you to access and report on easily searchable employee information, including critical workforce data related to headcounts, diversity, compensation figures and more – all within the context of span of control. Strategic reporting provides visibility into critical employee, talent and performance intelligence that business leaders rely on to make strategic decisions across the organization. Whether daily or strategic, this webinar will show you how to leverage your data to make the right workforce decisions at the right time. Ericson reveals four dimensions of reporting, including: basic HR Generalist reporting; organizational manager charts with head count, open positions and other sensitive information; senior level and C-suite reports for succession planning and strategic organizational planning; and predictive analytics and metrics charts that identify trends over a period of time.

Creating Workforce Visibility with OrgPublisher
Time:38 min 49 sec

With analytics everywhere, it can be hard to see the right information about your workforce and even more difficult to provide others with that visibility. In this webinar, a Peoplefluent expert will show you why workforce visibility is critical for doing better business and how easy it is to visualize your workforce with OrgPublisher. You’ll learn what visibility really means when it comes to your workforce, as well as the reports and features within OrgPublisher that help with:

- Succession planning
- Change modeling
- Talent mobility
- Stakeholder buy-in and access

…and much more.

Mobilizing Talent Insights with OrgPublisher Executive
Time:56 min 12 sec

What if your mobile executives could access critical insights into the entire workforce anywhere, anytime – to better understand their people, their talents, their strengths and overall performance? Learn how to take your HR data and workforce talent information mobile in this webinar, where Peoplefluent product manager John Kranz will demonstrate how OrgPublisher Executive for the iPad empowers your leadership on the go. You’ll experience OrgPublisher Executive’s mobile capabilities for accessing information spanning the entire organization at the tap of your finger, including up-to-date employee profiles, viewable even when offline.

Democast: Intelligent Org Charting and Workforce Reporting
Time:58 min 29 sec

Need automated org charting and better workforce reporting?  Not only does OrgPublisher automate your organizational charting processes, but it allows companies to gain greater visibility into critical workforce information.  Summary engines built-in to the product enable you to roll-up headcount data, financial/budget information, span of control and level analysis, and much more.  Charts can also be used for ‘what-if’ planning and modeling purposes.


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