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Daily Workforce Reporting: Headcount Beyond the Numbers

CEOs and HR executives need to know if their talent, costs and business goals are aligned. But do you have to accept headcount management as a numbers-centric pain point of doing business, or is there an easier way to quickly break through the layers of data to get a realistic view of your workforce?

In Daily Workforce Reporting: Headcount Beyond the Numbers, get the answers to three critical questions faced by today’s executives:

>  How many contractors vs. full-time employees work in a specific department?
>  How many and where are the open positions in our Sales department?
>  What is our total spend for headcount in our department?

This brief shares examples of three highly visual reports that will help you see the full breadth and depth of your headcount to position talent and resources for business success. These reports are just three of 13 Daily Workforce Reports available in OrgPublisher, the next generation of automated org charting software developed by the workforce planning and analytics division of Peoplefluent.

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