Compensation Planning Solution Designed for the Line Manager in a Global Economy

Aquire Compensation is designed with the needs of line managers in mind. Whether you do business in a single location or have multiple offices around the world, this streamlined software solution visually depicts teams in org chart views and provides transparent workflows that engage your line manager from the start — with less disruption to their other responsibilities. Using Aquire Compensation, managers are able to efficiently navigate and complete the compensation process independently, while making more insightful allocation decisions.

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Create Total Compensation Statements and Model Budgets

  • Visualize reports such as Budget by Manager and Pay for Performance by Merit, Bonus and Stock
  • Model budget scenarios and assess their financial impact with instant up-to-date data
  • Review budget models with management before line manager handoff 
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Model and Allocate Budgets at the Line Manager Level

  • Put compensation into context for line managers, enabling them to plan faster with fewer errors
  • Use built in best practices and guidelines to ensure adherence to corporate policies
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NEW Features Arriving in 2013 

  • Employee Pay Analysis Reporting, including slaray comparison in relation to position in pay band and performance 
  • International compensation planning, including international currencies and multinational budget tracking
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