Data Cleansing Software for More Accurate Information

Improve Data Quality Using Integrity

Clean, complete data makes for more intelligent workforce decisions. Use the Integrity solution’s collaborative data cleansing tools to remove the roadblocks to successful HR initiatives caused by inaccurate information. Bad data can significantly reduce the success of HR system migrations and installations, RIFs, reorganizations, M&As, on-boarding, talent movement, payroll updates, compliance requirements and more.

Collaborative Data Cleanup

Delegate, then monitor progress of cleanup initiative

Visualize Data

See data in org chart view with errors indicated

Complete HR Data Records

Identify and enter missing data

Ensure Data Consistency

Define and enforce business rules

Integrate with Multiple ERP and HRIS Systems

Cleanse workforce data stored within multiple sources

Improve Performance Across All HRM Systems

Workforce data cleansed by Integrity feeds into all of your HR software solutions, improving decisions made through them as well. Before undertaking any initiative — utilizing any HR or talent system — including system upgrades, new software launches, succession planning and workforce modeling, cleanse your data to ensure a more successful result.

Automate Your Workforce Data Cleansing Initiative

Spreadsheets, multiple databases and manual org charts aren’t sufficient tools for a large-scale data cleanup effort. Integrity provides a secure, Web-based solution that aggregates workforce data from multiple sources, automates the data cleansing and approval process and enables HR professionals to collaboratively maintain accurate workforce data throughout all HR software systems on a consistent basis.