Workforce Planning and Analytics Software for Business Leaders

Enable an organization's decision makers to focus on monitoring workforce performance, analyzing key workforce trends and making strategic decisions that enhance the efficiency and profitability of the company. From the workforce planning and analytics division of Peoplefluent, a leader in the Talent Management space, comes a SaaS solution for using workforce data to align HR strategy with your business goals. 


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Analyze Critical Trends and Model Workforce Scenarios

  • Visualize your workforce's health with boardroom ready dashboards
  • Build workforce plans and collaborate with decision-makers
  • Get real-time information and regular updates on the KPIs of strategic importance to your workforce’s performance and profitability
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Utilize Predictive Analytics to Understand the Impact of Future Trends

  • Forecast performance thresholds on any metric and map trends based on industry-standard or custom KPIs
  • Correlate specific business events and initiatives with workforce analytics to visualize cause and effect relationships
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Integrate with Your Current ERP and HRIS Systems 

  • Aggregate and automate data transfer from multiple data sources 
  • Integrate with ERP specific solutions for SAP, Peoplesoft and Oracle
  • Ensure data integrity across the organization, using data cleansing tools 
  • Enhance the power of existing Peoplefluent Talent Management products
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