SAP® HCM Integration Provides Seamless Workforce Visibility

A strategic partnership with SAP ensures that our customers can count on Peoplefluent solutions to integrate with their existing ERP system. All of our products have the ability to extract data from SAP HCM and Talent Management systems, allowing you to access critical workforce data — even information that has previously been inaccessible. The opportunity to visualize that data offers the added benefit of identifying and correcting data discrepancies. Through our proprietary OrgSync™ capability, we can then push corrected information back to the SAP HRMS system according to your needs.

OrgPublisher Premier for SAP

The SAP connector for OrgPublisher allows you to gather your data directly from SAP and publish it automatically in pre-defined, visually-rich org charts and workforce reports. Download brochure now.

  • Easily extract human resource data from your SAP HCM system
  • Use pre-defined output formats to publish org charts directly from SAP
  • Create multiple org chart scenarios prior to publishing a single chart
  • Eliminate custom ABAP™ programming when customizing your org chart scenarios
  • Utilize structural authorization designated within your SAP solution
  • Define multiple reporting relationships prior to publishing org charts
SAP Compatible Products
  1. SAP-optimized org charting and workforce reporting with succession planning and what-if scenario tools

SAP Users and Peoplefluent Customers