Succession Software for Sound Leadership Planning

Create and Manage Plans with Succession

Leverage the knowledge of leaders company-wide to create the best succession plans. From identifying key positions and their requirements to mining the talent pool — when it comes to succession and replacement planning, many heads are better than one. Our succession planning software gives you the critical ability to collaborate with colleagues in a single Web-based workspace using premier tools for succession management.

Collaborative Planning

Work together to identify, assess and place candidates

Bench Strength Analysis

Visualize bench strength at all organizational levels

Candidate Evaluations

Assess and compare candidates in the 9 Box and side-by-side

Succession Plan Accuracy

Sync with ERP systems regularly to ensure plan validity

Talent Pools

Rich search options to identify candidates company-wide

Create Succession and Replacement Plans for the C-Suite and Beyond

Succession planning is no longer for just the C-Suite. Leaders at many levels and key positions throughout the organization need replacement planning, too. To create and maintain those plans, you need a solution that is intuitive to use and quick to deploy, not overly complicated. Succession’s ease of use lets you focus on keeping your leadership pipeline full and your key talent engaged.