Workforce Planning Software for Best Possible Outcomes

Explore Workforce Planning Options Using Modeling

The Modeling solution makes it possible for you to collaborate with others on a variety of workforce planning, business budgeting and other scenarios, giving you the foresight to select the one that will bring about the most favorable result. By previewing potential changes in a copy of your most current organizational chart first, you’ll see the outcomes of your various options before you commit to a particular initiative.

Annual Workforce Budgeting

Preview a budget’s impact on headcount and salaries

M&A Management

Harmonize workforce data from multiple, disparate HCM systems

Long-Term Strategic Organizational Planning

Efficiently test and compare long-range scenarios

Internal Reorganizations

Preview impacts and outcomes for optimal reorgs

Integration with Multiple ERP and HRIS systems

Aggregate data from multiple sources

Scenario Planning for M&As and Beyond

Modeling excels at managing M&As with its ability to normalize data from multiple, disparate ERP and HRIS systems. But you can also use Modeling to research multiple workforce scenarios for any organizational plan. Look at long-term strategic planning options to support future business goals. Save time by templating org charts for new locations, business units or other groups of similar style. No matter your workforce planning initiative, collaborate with others in Modeling’s familiar org chart view, and your best path will become apparent.