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RECORDED WEBINAR: How to Make Succession Plans Really Work

Patti Johnson and Kristi Erickson of PeopleResults will discuss how to be sure your Succession Plan will actually work and realize your objectives.  Patti & Kristi bring their experience of both designing new succession programs, as well as operating them as senior leaders. They will give a variety of tips, such as how to get leaders on board; how to make sure the succession plan is really used when openings occur; and how to keep it fresh and updated. The tips will be practical and give ideas that you can take away and apply so that your succession plan fuels  your business.

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CASE STUDY: Mary Kay's Succession Planning Makeover

For Mary Kay’s HR, succession planning had become a cumbersome process: databases from two different vendors coupled with a manual data analysis regime that included a patchwork of spreadsheets. And to make matters worse, submitting succession data for a multibillion-dollar company was handled via unsecured Outlook emails. Mary Kay knew their succession planning process needed a complete makeover.

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BLOG POST: 5 Succession Planning Steps - Don't Make It Harder than It Is

Bring up the subject of succession planning and most HR and other executives shudder. These highly intelligent, capable people often labor under the impression that succession planning is such a complicated, multi-step process that they are already too far behind to even begin. Sound familiar? While succession planning is vital to your company’s future, it doesn’t have to be your nemesis. With the right plan and the right tools it can be accomplished.

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