Intelligent Organization Chart Software and Workforce Reporting Software

Spend your time reporting on what matters most with the next generation of automated organization charts — OrgPublisher 11. From the workforce planning and analytics division of PeopleFluent, OrgPublisher is the only organization chart software that provides pre-built workforce reports with deep visibility into the information you need to succeed.


View Powerful Workforce Reports and Visually Rich Organization Charts

  • Multiple organizational chart and graph views with customizable levels of detail and summary information
  • Visualize reporting relationships including indirect reports, chain of command, etc.
  • Place multiple organization chart and graphs and metrics side-by-side
  • Access and report on searchable employee information, including critical workforce data related to headcounts, diversity, compensation figures and more
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Report on What Matters Most in Your Business 

  • Access to key metrics by Span of Control, Headcount, Absentee Rates, Open Positions and much more.
  • Pre-built workforce reports designed for the HR generalist, organizational manager, senior-level executive or C-suite executive
  • Greater visibility into your workforce with daily analytics reporting by hierarchy
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Build Succession Plans and Workforce Models

  • Allow managers to create departmental plans, using 9-box matricies and side-by-side profile comparisons
  • Build "what-if?" or organization scenario plans in a secure environment
  • Silverlight for multiple browser and platform support when creating "what-if?" organizational plans
  • Export organization charts and reports to Excel, HTML, Powerpoint or PDF
  • Print charts in multiple formats
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Integrate with Your Current ERP and HRIS Systems 

  • Aggregate and automate data transfer from multiple data sources
  • Integrate with ERP specific solutions for SAP, Peoplesoft, and Oracle
  • Ensure data integrity across the organization using data cleansing tools
  • Take advantage of our ERP partnerships including Oracle Integration and our SAP Connector.
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Chart Samples