PeopleSoft® Strategic Alliance Brings Unmatched Integration

Our alliance with PeopleSoft ensures that Aquire solutions integrate cohesively with PeopleSoft HCM and Talent Management solutions. As a result, hundreds of PeopleSoft customers choose Aquire products for their workforce planning, analytics and talent management needs. Our solutions offer deep visibility into the workforce data housed deep within PeopleSoft. The opportunity to visualize that information offers the added benefit of identifying and correcting data discrepancies. Through our proprietary OrgSync™ capability, we can then push corrected information back to the Oracle HRMS system according to your needs.

OrgPublisher Premier for PeopleSoft

OrgPublisher Premier for Peoplesoft HCM introduces a dedicated application that enables HR professionals to effortlessly extract data from PeopleSoft HRMS and Talent Management systems to create Web-based, easy-to-share graphical org charts. This straightforward interface helps HR and business managers map PeopleSoft data into OrgPublisher Premier without the need for IT to extract data, create charts or modify queries.

PeopleSoft HRM Connector

  • Integrates OrgPublisher Premier for PeopleSoft with PeopleSoft 8 through PeopleSoft 9.1, Oracle Database 10g and 11g, and SQL Server 2005 Database
  • Utilizes a companion connector to rapidly extract and configure data for org charts without the need for custom programming from IT (data extractions, query modifications, etc)
  • Includes a Connector Wizard that allows you to quickly format and publish charts
  • Utilizes row level and other PeopleSoft security functionality (requires professional services engagement)
  • SaaS or on-premise option
PeopleSoft Compatible Products
  1. PeopleSoft-integrated org charting and workforce reporting with succession planning and what-if scenario tools

PeopleSoft Users and Aquire Customers

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